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Kenza is a ceramic artist based in Norwich, England, creating unique ceramic artworks in which she experiments and pushes the limits of pottery. Seeing her work as a durational piece, she cites that the process is just as important as the outcome.

She creates pieces that explore the idea of destruction in art to find the beauty through violent events, referring to the technique as 'destructive pottery'. This method draws upon destructivist artists and ideologies but translates them into ceramics. By bringing elements of violence to pottery she questions the stereotype that pottery is seen as a peaceful artform.
She is constantly experimenting and playing with clay, and is passionate about creating pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking. In their very nature of being created through unpredictable violent impacts, each mark is random leaving unique pieces of art.

On the firing line

On the firing line

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March 1 - 3 - Solo exhibition 'Wounded' held at Gray Area Gallery, Norwich. This was the culmination of the 9 years worth of work that is the 'Shot Series'. 

February 8 - 24 'Interrupt' at Queer Fest, Undercroft Gallery, Norwich. 100 'Dyke Tiles' were exhibited.

June - October 2023 - Mutiny In Colour

Shot 1 was just on display at The National Horse Racing Museum in Newmarket at their Contemporary Art exhibition 'Mutiny in Colour'. This piece was alongside Banksy, Damien Hirst, The Connor Brothers and many more. 

July 2023

Studio Do open day, Norwich, July 2nd, Shot 2 was displayed for the first time.

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Feel free to send any messages or questions on Instagram

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